First - Data Warehousing

Today multiple systems and applications handle an organisations data and all too often they are not joined up. A heuristic view of the organisation is difficult, time consuming and often too little and too late. The bright clerk needs help.

    Data warehousing provides:

  • Greater data immediacy

  • Substantially reduced reporting cost and effort

  • Integrated data

  • Identification and mitigation of risks

  • Extrapolation and Prediction

  • What if scenarios

  • A tool to support Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing is the prime tool to facilitate Business Intelligence and Insight. Intelligence and Insight is the key to competitive advantage and competitive advantage is the key to survival and success of the organisation. Data Warehousing is simply one route to business intelligence.

Then - Business Intelligence and Insight

    So what is Business Intelligence and Insight?

  • Know what you are doing right

  • Know what you need to improve

  • Turn data into information

  • Transform information into insight

  • Insight drives strategic business decisions

Some early history of Success:

A private subscription library at the turn of the century was struggling financially until a bright clerk realised that sales of Sarsaparilla tonic at the counter generated more profit than subscription fees. The organisation survived and thrived. It is now the biggest high street pharmacy in the UK.

A Minnesota company was struggling to sell mining equipment in the 19th Century and was on the point of financial failure when a bright clerk realised that the sales of adhesives generated more profit than the sales of picks and shovels. The organisation survived and thrived and is now a global organisation specialising in, amongst other products, complex adhesives.

Case Studies

Given the nature of many of our clients, we are clearly unable to name names, but please click here to see some of our highly successful data warehousing amd BI projects.