We provide highly skilled consulting services primarily on database, warehouse and business intelligence (BI) projects.

We have been chosen and trusted by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Why Choose Us?

    We believe the main factors are:

  • Track Record, Track Record, Track Record

  • Our own proprietary, tried and tested project methodologies

  • BES known, skilled, tried and tested development resources

  • Lightning fast delivery to assuage anxieties, build business credibility and get the ball started

  • Heuristic project management of stakeholders, business, functional and technical tiers

  • KISS and Grow model of delivery – tried and tested in many organisations

  • Symbiotic Partnership

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Analytical projects are some of the most complex projects around.  It is possible to research buzz-words on the internet and to then cobble an extremely plausible resume.  I have seen analytical “Gods” who at interview were not able to log into to the application.


BES Track record

Superlatively successful recovery HR BI Project for large financial institution.
Supremely successful reorganisation/alignment of HR and finance for large public sector organisation.
Massively successful recovery All module BI Project for large public sector institution.
Incomparably successful time-critical pricing solution for largest TV shopping organisation in the world.
Comprehensively successful recovery BI Project for large investment bank.
Throroughly successful BI Project for large telecommunications organisation.
Tremendously successful recovery Siebel project for large consultancy and media/television end client.
Inordinately successful recovery BI Project for large pharmaceutical organisation.